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Can electronic therapy improve your health
and your life?

Public Service Announcements

The medical electric battery is an antique electro-therapy device that was removed from public access in the 1930's.

Modern use of electricity and resonance to kill pathogenic organisms with bio electric resonance.

Dr. Mercola talks about the persecution of energy healing by the medical establishment in Orgone Energy Healing outlawed.

Video about the life, works, and persucution of Dr. Royal Raymond Rife Royal Rife Story.

For every dollar spent, the U.S. has one of the worst health care systems in the world.

We spend the largest percentage of our money on "Medical Care"


Are 50th in life span according to the CIA World Fact Book!!! We are below Singapore, New Zealand, Germany, Greece, Austria, Denmark, and Portugal, as well as the entire EU on the average and many other countries. Our expectancy is only 6 months longer than our poor southern neighbor, Cuba. Only a year longer than countries like Slovenia, Albania, and the Czech Republic. The sad thing is that many of these countries spend very little for their health care when compared to us. This is because we are paying for the wrong things.

We have one of the highest rates of heart attacks? (death rate is 13th in the world) Poor diet, bad care choices such as Angioplasty and Bypass Surgery, both of which often have to be repeated time and again because they do not work as well as the doctors want us to think that they do.

We have one of the highest rates of cancer while we spend $$$ billions !!!

We have one of the highest rates of diabetes because of HFCS and Sucrose?

We have one of the highest rates of maternal death? (33rd in the world)

The US has a higher infant mortality rate than 32 other countries? (33rd) How can we possibly explain that?

Health Care Reform for the People

Repeal Obama Care

The importance of sleep and exercise for your health and well-being.

Rising stars in Penny Stocks

Finding help with snoring and sleep apnea.

Shingles Zapper and Virus Zapper, can tiny electrical pulses kill the viral particles that cause shingles, herpes, colds, influenza, or even HIV?

The Obama health care package recently passed the supreme court as a tax and should be repealed.

Obama health care plan

A much better health care plan that costs nothing!

Health Care Reform for the People

Can these two vitamins literally save your life?.

Vitamins saving lives

Cancer - Winning the battle

Avoid Intellius !

Warning !!
about using online information services
Avoid Intellius ! avoid
This service is often not worth the money and misses a lot of published information including some criminal records, even sexual offenders.
Cancer help, Win the fight against cancer and other cancer information that is not available elsewhere.

Natural Cancer cures contains over 300 natural things to fight cancer.

Will you survive if this happens again?

In 1783, a volcano erupted in Iceland that caused massive crop failure across Europe and the effects were felt for years, probably being the main cause of the French Revolution.

Today, there are indications of continued activity that will make the Eyjafjallajökull erruption of 2010 look small. That erruption showed us that volcanoes can easily bring air travel to a grinding halt. The ones in 1783 caused trees to drop their leaved in June in the Netherlands. The winter of 1783 in North America was one of the hardest in the entire recorded history with large blocks of ice flowing down the Mississippi past New Orleans into the Gulf of Mexico. During that time, the Ohio valley and the Mississippi were mostly unsettled and we were not dependent on crops from the midwest. If the same occurs again, massive starvation will likely follow.

I believe that only those who are well prepared will fare decently in such an event. It does not hurt to have excess as anything that you do not need can be traded for what you do not have. The one thing that will not have much value is money, except possibly gold and silver. However, even those can not be eaten. In such an event things such as food will become the best asset.

More: Preparing for disasters and catastrophes

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